Our Planet

Our Planet


Our planet is unique. We are truly lucky to be here. Out of the unknown amount of planets in the universe our planet has the right balance to sustain life and let it thrive. We are honoured to be here and we should not take that for granted .Our eco system is finely balanced and if that balance is disturbed as we see around the world extreme weather patterns occur. Forest fires, floods ,melting ice caps, tornados, hurricanes  etc. Respect, respect, respect our planet.


Here at Propertyfitness we take our responsibilities towards the environment very seriously so we strive to minimise the impact of our activities on our wonderful planet. Our environmental policies are designed to ensure we play our part in looking after it, safeguarding it for future generations.


As part of this commitment, we have implemented a number of energy efficiency projects, enabling us to reduce our carbon emissions, which include reducing heating and lighting and creative ways in reducing water wastage.


Our drivers are encourage to make the best use of their time and fuel consumption where possible, by allocating similar tasks in bands.


Also any of our assessors who are able to use 2 wheels whether that be motor bike or bicycle have our full support.

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    September 2, 2020
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    Our Environment