With the threat of covid 19 hanging over the entire world new patterns are emerging. The riding of bikes, the working from home, the buying of grocery’s via the internet. These are truly uncertain times but also time to reflect and grow. What do I mean about that, well reflecting on the ordinary world we lived in prior covid 19. The things we took for granted ,the mundane things we once did and wish we could do again with out fear, smiling, talking, touching, talking loudly ,standing setting next to someone. The ordinary things if we could would pay a kings ransom to do again. Growth, opportunities, new ideas, these are the times no matter how dear they seem the creativity gem is running rampant. That book you wanted to write, that business you wanted to start that loft you wanted to convert, the garden that has been a life saver for many now take on new meaning.

The birth of garden offices are upon us. The basic instinct of self preservation is now driving many who are fortunately enough to have a garden to have summer houses, workshop, offices call them what you like built to remove the risk of going on public transport and getting infected as they make their way to their work place. So if you did not utilise your garden before I am sure you now count your lucky stars you have one.